Brice Mangeat


My name is Brice Mangeat and I am a web student. After a semester in Canada as part of my studies, I got a university-level degree in multimedia and Internet in Montbéliard (MMI). Then I completed an apprenticeship in HETIC for one year. After I decided to integrate an engineer school called IMAC. Currently, I'm doing a semester in HDM of Stuttgart and I follow the minor named Integrated Product Design. Thanks to my studies, my skills are diverse: in development, design, communication, project management or audiovisual. This site gathers different projects that I worked on during my studies or my free time.

My skills


  • JavaScript (ES6)
  • AngularJS/ReactJS
  • WebGL (ThreeJS)
  • Swift
  • Ionic Framework
  • PHP
  • Wordpress
  • C# / C++
  • Java


  • Adobe (PS, AI, In ...)
  • UX Design (Design Sprint, Design Thinking, Wireframes...)
  • Sketch / AdobeXD


  • 3DS Max / Blender
  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effect
  • Adobe Audition
  • SEO